BrewAI's provides you with a powerful commercial grade deep learning model automation tool and helps you adopt AI faster, responsibly and efficiently, irrespective of your AI maturity.

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We make AI adoption easy

BrewAI provides a powerful commercial grade deep learning automation tool and helps companies adopt AI faster, responsibly and efficiently.

Our platform is a no code user interface that makes it easy for users to understand and leverage AI to optimise their day to day work.

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Our tool provides an end to end automated solution for faster adoption and can be quickly tailored to fit your needs

End to End Automation

BrewAI provides you with an end to end automation platform with automated data processing, data cleansing and AI model development.

No technical knowledge is needed to operate

We provide a no-code interface that allows any user (technical or non-technical) to use and adopt the platform immediately.

Provides Explainability of Models

Our Explainability tab provides transparency on the data governance, the model fairness and robustness.

One-Click Production Deployment

BrewAI simplifies the deployment process with its pre-built infrastructure and allows users to put models in production with one click.


The solutions we offer are tailored to your needs.

Our global teams of consultants and leading data scientists, engineers, and analysts have deep industry expertise and a solid understanding of underlying economics, customer needs, as well as competitive dynamics.

Our approach is to deliver insight and impact to our clients through a range of flexible support models, as well as providing ad hoc, deeply transformational, and ongoing architecture and solutions.

Our Consulting team is ready to help you fully realise business benefits from AI.

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We’ve built BrewAI to allow customers to quickly and easily unlock the power of Predictive Analytics.

Data enthusiasts can take advantage of automated, highly accurate machine learning capabilities.

Model selection, feature transformation, and hyperparameter tuning are all automated to speed up the data science workflow.

Scaling AI capabilities more quickly through automation and rapid deployment of models.

A robust toolkit for explainable AI, data quality management and machine learning operations.

Architecture that is platform-agnostic and works on-premises or in the cloud.


Banking and Financial Services

BrewAI processes large volume of data quickly and accurately to help detect and reduce fraud, measure credit risk, maximise up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and retain valuable customers.


Energy & Natural Resources

Our models can help you monetise ESG, improve safety at site and predict bottlenecks on your integrated operations.


Public Sector

BrewAI can assist public sector organisations with its artificial intelligence models, sorting through large volumes of data and addressing long processing times and backlogs.



Preventing patient re-admissions to hospitals and predicting patient health decline are two ways in which the Healthcare industry uses Predictive Analytics.


Industry Solutions

Artificial intelligence is helping numerous industries, such as finance, healthcare, and manufacturing, by enhancing customer experiences, reducing fraud and waste, automating and streamlining time-consuming processes, and providing valuable insights for businesses to make the right decision.

BrewAI can tailor its solutions to every vertical and have already developed multiple use cases in banking & financial services, Energy & Natural Resources, Public Sector and Healthcare to accelerate deployment time. BrewAI’s platform provides you with a secure, scalable an reliable solution.

Reducing Backlog and Accelerate processing time

BrewAI can leverage its existing use cases and help public sector organisations address their increasing backlogs and accelerate processing times for essentials services.

Public Sector

Automated Chart of Accounts

BrewAI can automate the allocation of transactions from an organisation’s bank feed into the chart of accounts.

This automation eliminates the need to perform manual bank reconciliations, saving countless hours and reducing errors and inconsistencies in transaction allocation.

Banking and Financial Services

Track and Manage assets efficiently

BrewAI can leverage IoT battery-less tags to help Energy and Natural Resource clients track and manage their most valuable assets live from any location with minimum infrastructure. Use cases include autonomous haulage trucks, heavy equipment and IT equipment.

Energy & Natural Resources

Automated Alerts for Prescriptions based on Patient history

BrewAI can assist health organisations deploy AI models to assist health practitioners while completing a prescription for a client. Our models can parse through high volume of data quickly and alert the physician if the patient is at risk for a specific medication based on ingredients and medical history.



Our use cases tackle the pressing issues of our clients and provides them with a reliable and scalable solution

We built use cases to address the most pressing issues of our clients and accelerate the rollout across their organisation.

BrewAI can also tailor a new use case to address your unique needs. Reach out to us for a demo of our tool or to inquire about our Proof of Concept package. We are committed to get you a commercial grade AI model within weeks.

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Our leadership team brings together a diverse and innovative group of individuals whose collective experience makes BrewAI the strong company it is today


About BrewAI

BrewAI is an Australian start-up software company. Our organisation is in a growth phase, where we are expanding from APAC into US, UK and Canada. BrewAI technology brings Artificial intelligence into the reach of the broader business community and government sector. Our approach is to be transparent and create a cutting edge technology.

Our vision is to materialise Artificial Intelligence for everyone. We want to make it easy for everyone to explore, learn, dream and imagine a new future. BrewAI tool is a deep learning automl product, with no coding required, with just a excel spreadsheet you can build an optimised neural network, predictive engine in hours ready for production, with the key objective focused on business outcomes rather than code.

  • One-Click Production Deployment
  • Connects to 60+ sources
  • Automated process end to end
  • Provides Explainability of Models

Our Pricing

We offer competitive prices.

Enjoy a Enjoy a free demonstration and unlock the benefits of AI. We have multiple packages to fit your needs irrespective of the size and maturity of your company.​

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Enterprise Plan

Based Model

  • User License
  • Unlimited Development of Models
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Data Quality Report
  • Explainable AI Report
  • 24/7 Support
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