BrewAI's provides you with a powerful commercial grade deep learning model automation tool and helps you adopt AI faster, responsibly and efficiently, irrespective of your AI maturity.

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Hello, we are BrewAI

We are making AI-powered data science accessible to businesses and organisations around the world.


About Us

BrewAI is an Australian start-up software company. Our organisation is in a growth phase, where we are expanding from APAC into US, UK and Canada. BrewAI technology brings Artificial intelligence into the reach of the broader business community and government sector. Our approach is to be transparent and create a cutting edge technology.

Our vision is to materialise Artificial Intelligence for everyone. We want to make it easy for everyone to explore, learn, dream and imagine a new future. BrewAI tool is a deep learning automl product, with no coding required, with just a excel spreadsheet you can build an optimised neural network, predictive engine in hours ready for production, with the key objective focused on business outcomes rather than code.

  • One-Click Production Deployment​
  • Connects to 60+ sources​
  • Automated process end to end​
  • Provides Explainability of Models​


AutoML Applications in Business: A Case Study Using BrewAI

This paper investigates the state-of-the-art in the area of AutoML particularly in the context of business applications. One of the problems identified is that most existing AutoML solutions are tied to a particular platform or need specialised staff to operate them. We then proceed to explore a new AutoML tool called BrewAI, which addresses these issues by offering platform-independent facilities which do not rely on specialised staff. BrewAI is designed to be a simple and cost-effective solution using service-oriented design principles and autonomous software services.

We then explore the usability and model explainability offered by BrewAI by applying it to analyse a reference dataset. We conclude that BrewAI offers usable interface for the application of machine learning models which does not require any data pre-processing and modelling skills. BrewAI also offers model explainability facilities by showing necessary details about the data and the model which are understandable by business users.

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We provide transparency of our models through our Explainable AI feature.​

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