BrewAI's provides you with a powerful commercial grade deep learning model automation tool and helps you adopt AI faster, responsibly and efficiently, irrespective of your AI maturity.

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Building and Deploying AI models with BrewAI is

BrewAI simplifies the development and deployment of commercial-grade AI models and helps your business become more data driven.

How It Works?

Everything you need to create commercial grade models.

Train Model

Input Training Data

Explainable AI

Results with Detailed Explanation

Production AI Model

Commercial Grade Prediction Model

Our Training Process.

BrewAI's training process is fully automated from beginning to end.


Data Extraining

Extract meaningful insights from the data for prediction.


Data Analysing

Inspecting the data as it may contain unnecessary features, null values etc.


Data Transforming

Makes the collected data ready to be used in your predictive model.


Model Training

We train the model using the input data applying the preferred algorithm.


Model Analysing

Determining the best algorithm for the model outcome.



Model has been developed with the recommended algorithm.


(Accuracy Score)

Explainable AI

Explainable AI produces a comprehensive analysis to interpret the model.

Beyond just considering the accuracy of the classifier, there are many important questions to understand how the model is working and it's decision, which is the purpose of feature importance, to help make neural networks more interpretable.

Training Data Information

Provides a comprehensive analysis of the training data incl. basic information, data quality and column type detection.

Model Information

Provides a comprehensive analysis of the model incl. problem and model type, automated train/test set, class distribution and model performance.

Our tool is user friendly and does not require deep technical knowledge. We aim to promote AI for everyone and adoption at every level in an organisation.

Here are 3 key services to help get you on your way.


AI Thinking Workshops

Think outside the box and expand your AI perspective.


Data Exploration

Comprehensive analysis of your use of data.


Productionise AI

Implement AI into everyday business processes.

How We Help?

Find out everything you need to know and more about how our team can help you.

BrewAI offers a range of services to assist you with the process of introducing AI into your organization - we assist with defining the business case, gathering and cleansing data, and deploying your AI model while training your team.

Discover what services are available and how artificial intelligence can assist in decision-making so that your organization can become more data-driven.

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